Hi! Pleasure to meet you

We’re AuronnBE & Vulturius

The newest addition to the growing Retro Video Gaming scene. We talked about doing something as a blog/website/stuff for over a year and we decided to just go for it. We’ll see where the roads lead us and we hope to enjoy some of you with a few of our stories. What sets us apart is the PC Hardware posts which contain really detailed tutorials of how you set-up your own retro gaming rig. Furthermore we are developing our Youtube channel and will fill it Finds, Reviews, RetroRuns, Tutorials and much more.

AuronnBE’s passion for video games started when he got his first SNES and Gameboy being 6 years old. From then on video games have intrigued him and the Final Fantasy series is the main reason when collecting started. It’s safe to say collecting even took over much of the time to really play the games, but he’s trying to catch up with that lately.

While one guy’s interest is mainly consoles, Vulturius was bitten by retro games in the 80’s on the PC. Games like Doom are on top of his list and his skills in it aren’t that bad. He loves challenges, discussing everything dos-related and putting together new retro pc gaming rigs, which you will find through his blog posts.

Together we hope to bring you a variety of stuff all retro video game related! We love having interaction with you guys as that is one of the main reasons we started this blog. So, if you have a question or like to challenge us, be our guest. We’ll try to be in contact with all of you the best we can.

And please subsribe, like, comment on one or more of our social media channels! It helps us grow and reach out to more people, thanks!

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